Preferred Meals and KHS!

Our new caterer will be Preferred Meals! Preferred Meals has over 40 years of experience with schools and lunch services. They have pioneered the development of a school meal program to meet rapidly expanding enrollment, economic and nutritional demands on schools. Today, Preferred Meals is the leading provider of complete, innovative meal solutions—delivering nutritious, quality foods students enjoy—and delivering the cost and service efficiencies schools require.  To read more about Preferred Meals click here!

Lunch cost 3.75 per student per meal for all students at KHS. You will add money to your student's account via the portal. The  link to the instructions are below. This will allow you to put money on your student's card by the meal.  So a week's worth of lunch is 3.75 (price per meal) x 5 days (school week) = 18.75.  A mouth would be  $75. If there is a day that your student does not eat lunch the money will remain on the student's lunch card account. Please review the attachment below, it contains the information for creating your Lunch Account for your child(ren). 

Read it carefully, then click the link below to get started on the setup.

Click here to set up your account

Account Setup Instructions

After you setup your account you are 90% finished. You will not have to order a specific lunch for students this year! Each student is given a lunch number and a barcode card.  Your child will be able to choose their lunch based on the menu provided for the month.  See menu below or visit If your child does not want the school lunch meal on any particular day, they simply do not have to go through the lunch line.  They will still need a lunch, however you choose to provide it. 

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