MS Program Information

Kestrel Heights Middle School Counseling Program: Counseling Services
School counseling has changed over the years, and it is definitely not the "guidance counseling" many of us remember from our school days! The American School Counselor Association says that a modern, comprehensive school counseling program should be "comprehensive in scope, preventative in design, and developmental in nature". 

At Kestrel Heights Middle School, this is achieved through individual counseling, small group counseling, and classroom guidance as well as school-wide initiatives. The three main areas of focus for the middle school counseling program are: personal/social development, academic achievement, and college/career exploration.

Individual Counseling
At times students need a little more one-on-one help and attention to learn, grow, develop, and overcome a specific obstacle or problem. This is when a student would meet with the counselor for individual counseling sessions. Sessions are typically focused on helping a student achieve a goal or overcome a problem in a specific area. Sessions are short-term (4-6 sessions or fewer) and solution focused. 

To refer your child for counseling services, please use this form: MS Referral Form

Please remember that a school counselor is not a mental health counselor, and due to the constraints of the school day, cannot do the same scope of work as a mental health counselor. Mrs. Callahan is happy to help you locate and secure outside counseling services if necessary.

Group Counseling
Small group counseling is an opportunity for students to explore their ideas and feelings about a specific topic in a safe, supportive environment. 

Planned Upcoming Groups: 
  • Student Success Skills (study skills and time management)
  • Peer Mentor Training (teacher and/or peer recommendation required)
  • CogMed Working Memory Training (please check back for eligibility criteria)
Please contact Mrs. Callahan to inquire about a group, request for your child to be placed in a group, or suggest a specific type of group. While I cannot guarantee I will be able to honor all requests, I do take requests into consideration when designing my programming and making group membership decisions.

Classroom Guidance
Occasionally I will "push in" to other electives to offer classroom guidance to an entire grade level on a specific topic. Some topics currently in the works are: bullying, academic goal setting, and career exploration.

Consultation and Collaboration
As the counselor, I support the entire academic program at Kestrel in various ways. I lead and participate in some school-wide initiatives such as character education, improving attendance, and increasing college awareness. I also work with parents and teachers on teams and in conferences to develop plans for struggling students and provide leadership within the school. I am always happy to meet with parents or chat on the phone about how I can best help meet the individual needs of students.