FAQ's for Parents

What is your confidentiality/privacy policy?
Privacy is a very important piece of the counseling relationship. However, counselors are required by law to act, including to disclose information, when they suspect that a child may hurt themselves or someone else, or if someone else is hurting the child. In addition, we often encourage students to advocate for themselves by sharing information with parents and other staff members when pertinent, and students often give their permission for counselors to share information discussed.

Do parents/guardians need to give special permission for their child to see the school counselor?
The school counseling program is part Kestrel's regular educational program, the counselors do not need special permission to meet with a student. However, we highly value parent collaboration and welcome parents to contact us with concerns or questions. Additionally, we will send home notification letters and information for students who wish to participate in counseling small groups. 

Who sees the school counselor?
EVERYONE! The school counselor works with teachers and staff to serve ALL of Kestrel's students through a comprehensive school counseling program.

How can I refer my child for counseling services?
You are welcome to call or email your child's counselor, or use their online referral form if applicable. We would be happy to answer any questions about our counseling programs at your child's school level.

Can you see my child for counseling all year?
School counselors are not mental health counselors and cannot diagnose or treat any mental health disorders. We can help students with issues that interfere with their education, like friendship issues, academic concerns, bullying, anxiety, dealing with family changes, how to handle feelings, and developing coping skills. Because counselors need to be available for all students, we are here to assist with short term counseling (less than 4-6 sessions). We will be happy to help you in finding outside counseling if needed.