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Mission Statement of the Elementary School Counseling Program 

The Elementary School Counseling Program helps students demonstrate a positive attitude towards self, gain life-planning skills, and develop responsible social skills. School success is increased as children use these skills to understand and appreciate the life-long process of learning, growing, and changing.  The mission statement of the School Counseling Program is an integral part of the total school program.

Counseling Services


Students can be seen on an individual basis as needed.  Usually, the student and the counselor work together to establish an individual goal related to the student’s initial concern.  Parents, teachers, and students can make referrals for individual counseling services by completing our electronic referral form. School counselor's are not mental health counselors. We are here to assist with short term counseling (4-6 sessions or less). We will be happy to help you in finding outside counseling if needed.

To refer a student to the elementary school counselor, please fill out the following form:


Small group counseling provides a supportive environment where students can explore their ideas and feelings about a certain topic with their peers.  These short term groups are usually comprised of 5-7 students.  Students may be referred by themselves, teachers, or parents.  


Classroom guidance is a preventative approach which allows the counselor to focus on developmental topics and skill building. Kimochis (KEY-MO-ChEE) which means "feeling" in Japanese is our social-emotional curriculum. Our Kimochi friends help our students identify, understand, and manage their feelings as well as teaches communication skills that develop tolerance and respect as we learn to get along with each other.


The counselor is available to consult with parents, faculty, or community agencies in order to best meet the individual needs of students.  Parent consultations can focus on concerns at school or home, parenting strategies, or developmental needs.





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